Research or Creative Endeavors

This award recognizes, encourages, and rewards those individuals whose research or creative endeavors have been particularly successful and are so recognized locally, regionally, and nationally. The results of these efforts should have contributed to the expansion of knowledge and the quality of life, or encouraged additional research.

Winner Profiles

  • Shucheng Yu
    Shucheng Yu
    George W. Donaghey College of Engineering & Information Technology Assistant Professor of Computer Science Dr. Shucheng Yu is an assistant professor in the UALR…  
  • Michael Warrick
    Mr. Michael Warrick
    College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences Professor of Art Michael Warrick, a professor in the Department of Art, has been an artist and educator…  
  • Julien Mirivel
    Dr. Julien Mirivel
    College of Social Sciences and Communication Associate Professor of Speech Communication Dr. Julien Mirivel is an associate professor in the Department of Speech Communication…  
  • Clifford Franklin
    Dr. Clifford Franklin
    College of Education and Health Professions Associate Professor of Audiology and Speech Pathology Dr. Clifford Franklin is an associate professor in the UALR Audiology…  
  • Stephanie Farewell
    Dr. Stephanie Farewell
    College of Business Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Stephanie Farewell is an associate professor in the UALR Department of Accounting. Her primary work has…  
  • Theresa Beiner
    Professor Theresa Beiner
    William H. Bowen School of Law Professor of Law Professor Theresa Beiner is a professor of law and an associate dean for academic affairs. Her…  
  • Anson
    Dr. Edward M. Anson
    Distinguished Historian Dr. Edward Anson is an internationally renowned scholar for his work and study of fourth century B.C. Greek history. Dr. Anson has…