Research or Creative Endeavors

This award recognizes, encourages, and rewards those individuals whose research or creative endeavors have been particularly successful and are so recognized locally, regionally, and nationally. The results of these efforts should have contributed to the expansion of knowledge and the quality of life, or encouraged additional research.

Winner Profiles

  • Anson
    Dr. Edward M. Anson
    Distinguished Historian Dr. Edward Anson is an internationally renowned scholar for his work and study of fourth century B.C. Greek history. Dr. Anson has…  
  • Atcherson
    Dr. Samuel Atcherson
    Empathetic Researcher for Hearing Loss Dr. Samuel Atcherson’s principle line of research focuses on how the auditory system processes simple and complex sounds using…  
  • Ghosh
    Dr. Anindya Ghosh
    High Caliber Researcher in “Green” Chemistry Dr. Anindya Ghosh has developed a national and international reputation for his research efforts in inorganic chemistry with…  
  • Landrum
    Dr. Nancy Landrum
    Champion for Sustainable Research Dr. Nancy Landrum, associate professor of management, has an impressive list of research and intellectual contributions. Dr. Landrum is known…  
  • MacFarlane
    Dr. Bronwyn MacFarlane
    Pinnacle Researcher for Gifted Education Dr. Bronwyn MacFarlane demonstrated an astonishing display of research productivity sustained over the past five years. In addition to…  
  • Silverstein
    Josh Silverstein
    Nationally Recognized Expert in Bankruptcy Law and Grading Theory Professor Josh Silverstein has produced outstanding scholarship in his two areas of focus — bankruptcy…  
  • Talburt
    Dr. John Talburt
    Internationally Recognized Scholar of Information Quality Dr. John Talburt is an internationally recognized scholar and innovator in the field of Information Quality (IQ). He…