This award recognizes, encourages, and rewards superior teachers – individuals whose command of their respective disciplines, teaching methodologies, communications skills, concern for student performance, and commitment to the learning process exemplify the teacher/mentor model.

The award is not intended to be a popularity contest. It is designed to distinguish those teachers who maintain high expectations of their students and who ensure academic rigor in their courses.

College-Level Winners

  • Kathrine King
    Dr. Kathryn A. King
    College of Communication and Social Sciences Assistant Professor of Anthropology Dr. Kathryn A. King is an assistant professor of anthropology, known for her willingness…  
  • Lyn Entrikin
    Professor Lyn Entrikin
    William H. Bowen School of Law Professor of Law Lyn Entrikin is a professor at the Bowen School of Law known for her student…  
  • John Talburt
    Dr. John R. Talburt
    George W. Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology Axciom Chair of Information Quality and Professor of Information Science Dr. John R. Talburt is…  
  • Linda Holzer
    Dr. Linda Holzer
    College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences Professor of Music Dr. Linda Holzer, a professor of music, not only encourages students to strive for excellence in…  
  • Linda Stauffer
    Dr. Linda K. Stauffer
    College of Education and Health Professions Program Coordinator of the Interpreter Education Program and Associate Profess of Interpreter Education Dr. Linda K. Stauffer is an…  
  • Otmar Varela
    Dr. Otmar E. Varela
    College of Business Associate Professor of Management Dr. Otmar E. Varela is an associate professor of management who has established himself as a mentor…  
  • Kelly Terry
    Professor Kelly Terry
    William H. Bowen School of Law Associate Professor of Law Professor Kelly Terry is an associate professor of law, director of Externship Programs and…