This award recognizes, encourages, and rewards superior teachers – individuals whose command of their respective disciplines, teaching methodologies, communications skills, concern for student performance, and commitment to the learning process exemplify the teacher/mentor model.

The award is not intended to be a popularity contest. It is designed to distinguish those teachers who maintain high expectations of their students and who ensure academic rigor in their courses.

College-Level Winners

  • Ningning Wu
    Dr. Ningning Wu
    Donaghey College of Engineering & Information Technology Professor of Information Science Dr. Ningning Wu is a professor in the Department of Information Science. She is…  
  • Kelly Terry
    Professor Kelly Terry
    William H. Bowen School of Law Associate Professor of Law Professor Kelly Terry is an associate professor of law, director of Externship Programs and…  
  • Ann Robinson
    Dr. Ann Robinson
    College of Education and Health Professions Professor of  Educational Leadership Dr. Ann Robinson is a professor in the department of Teacher Education/Education Leadership and…  
  • Jess Porter
    Dr. Jess Porter
    College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences Associate Professor of Geography Dr. Jess Porter is an associate professor of geography in the Department of History.…  
  • Kristen McIntyre
    Dr. Kristen McIntyre
    College of Social Sciences and Communication Associate Professor of Speech Dr. Kristen McIntyre is the director of the Communication Skill Center and is an…  
  • Gary Geissler
    Dr. Gary Geissler
    College of Business Professor of Marketing and Advertising Dr. Gary Geissler is known for his learning centered approach that focuses on utilizing the most…  
  • Wichinsky
    Dr. Lillian Wichinsky
    Well-Defined Pedagogue Dr. Wichinsky is a full-time faculty member in the School of Social Work who has taught Policy I, II and Human Behavior…