Faculty Excellence University-Level Winners

In 1988, the UALR Foundation Fund Board instituted awards for faculty excellence at both the college and university levels. Three categories of awards are given – in teaching, public service, and research or creative endeavors – and each award consists of a cash gift and a framed certificate. The college-level awards are in the amount of $1,000. The university-level awards are in the amount of $5,000 each for public service and research, and $10,000 for the award in teaching.

Drs. Kristin Dutcher Mann, Anindya Ghosh, and Brian Berry are the 2014 recipients of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Faculty Excellence Awards in the categories of public service, research and creative endeavors, and teaching, respectively.

The faculty received the awards at a ceremony held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 10, in the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall at UALR. A reception followed in the lobby and gallery of the Fine Arts Building.

Each award consists of a framed certificate and a cash gift of $10,000 for teaching and $5,000 in research or creative endeavors and in public service. College winners are recognized and university winners are announced at the annual ceremony.

For the past 26 years, the event has provided a way to recognize the great work of UALR faculty and is made possible through the valued contributions of The Bailey Foundation, PepsiAmericas, and the UALR Chancellor’s Circle.

Winners were selected by a panel of national judges who reviewed the achievements of the college-level winners.

The college-level winners receive a $1,000 cash award and framed certificate.


Dr. Brian BerryBerry, a professor of chemistry in the College of Science whose expertise is in the self-assembly of polymeric materials, was named the Bailey Teaching award winner. Dr. Berry primarily teaches organic chemistry, viewed by many students as one of the most difficult areas of chemistry. Despite this, Dr. Berry has received glowing evaluations each year from his students. As further evidence of his accomplishments as an educator, he was awarded the American Chemical Society’s Central Arkansas Section Professor of the Year award in 2010.


GhoshGhosh, a professor in the College of Science, was named the winner in the Research and Creative Endeavors category. He has developed a national and international reputation for his research efforts in inorganic chemistry with particular emphasis on green chemistry. Six patents have been issued to him, and he has submitted an additional six patent applications, which are still under review. He has been active in submitting research proposals to federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense, as well as private industries. In total, he has secured more than $1 million in funding from different agencies for his research.

Public Service

MannMann, a professor of history in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, was named the Public Service award winner. Her grant procurement efforts total nearly $3 million. Dr. Mann was recognized with the History Channel’s Outstanding Service in the Field of History award. She promoted and encouraged participation in projects such as the Life Interrupted Project, which recounts the experiences of Japanese Americans housed in internment camps in Arkansas during World War II. The project continues to be part of the Little Rock School District’s social studies curriculum and, as such, is a testament to the quality of Dr. Mann’s work.

The celebration of UALR’s top faculty has been a tradition since 1988 when the university set aside an evening to honor the contributions and achievements of the faculty. The university winners, selected by a panel of national judges from college-level winners, were announced at a ceremony at the Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall.

Past University Award Winners


Teaching-Margaret E. “Beth” McMillan
Research-Nidhal Bouaynaya
Public Service-Nancy Landrum


Teaching – James Levernier
Research – Ann Robinson
Public Service – Mark Geise


Teaching – Gary Geissler
Research – Alexandru S. Biris
Public Service – Mary Parker


Teaching – Thomas Tudor
Research – Jeffrey T. Walker
Public Service – Jeanne Rollberg


Teaching – Paul Yodor, English
Research – Hussain Al-Rizzo, Systems Engineering
Public Service – Juliana Flinn, Anthropology


Teaching – Andrew Eshleman, Philosophy and Liberal Studies
Research – Xiu Ye, Mathematics and Statistics
Public Service – C. Fred Williams, History


Teaching – Hussain Al-Rizzo, Systems Engineering
Research – Robert Ulmer, Speech Communication
Public Service – Ashvin Vibhakar, Finance


Teaching – Charles Chastain, Criminal Justice
Research – Stephen Leslie, Earth Sciences
Public Service – Carol Snelson, Center for Developmental Skills


Teaching – Linda M. Pledger, Speech Communication
Research – Robert H. Bradley, Teacher Education
Public Service – Roby D. Robertson, Public Administration


Teaching – Steve Anderson, English
Research – Wei Zhao, Chemistry
Public Service – Johanna Miller Lewis, History


Teaching – Rama Reddy, Systems Engineering
Research – Dennis Baeyens, Biology
Public Service – Lana Strickland, Nursing


Teaching – Dale Ferguson, Biology
Research – Gary Thompson, Applied Science
Public Service – Ashvin Vibhakar, Economics and Finance


Teaching – Peggy Scranton, Political Science
Research – Tom Kaiser, History
Public Service – Ann Robinson, Teacher Education


Teaching – Carol Thompson, Speech Communication
Research – Ralph Burns, English
Public Service – Jeffrey Connelly, Earth Science


Teaching – Linda Rimer, Nursing
Research – Linda J. Dorn, Teacher Education
Public Service – Rosalie Cheatham, DISLS


Teaching – Wayne Chapman, Theatre Arts/Dance
Research – Charles R. Bowlus, History
Public Service – David Sink, Institute of Government


Teaching – David McAlpine, Spanish
Research – David Jauss, English
Public Service – Daniel Littlefield, English


Teaching – Charles M. Anderson, Rhetoric and Writing
Research – Carl Moneyhon, History
Public Service – Thea Spatz, Health Education


Teaching – Thomas J. Lynch, Biology
Research – Jerry Darsey, Chemistry
Public Service – Art English, Political Science


Teaching – Howard Hodges, Chemistry
Research – Ronn Hy, Public Administration
Public Service – Cal Ledbetter, Political Science


Teaching – Ranko Oliver, Law
Research – Ann Robinson, Gifted Education
Public Service – Roby Robertson, Public Science


Teaching – Frank Kenney, Religious Studies
Research – Daniel Littlefield, English
Public Service – Cay Holbrook, Special Education


Teaching – Michael Kleine, English
Research – Robert Bradley, Educational Foundations
Public Service – William Geiger, Special Education


Teaching – Mary Prentice, Special Education
Research – Bettye Caldwell, Early Childhood Education
Public Service – Alan Marks, Gerontology


Teaching – Lee Williams, History
Research – Tito Viswanathan, Chemistry
Public Service – Myra Taff-Watson, Rehabilitation