Yupo Chan

If Professor Yupo Chan has a say in the future of public transportation in central Arkansas, a lot more local residents will be commuting in buses instead of individual cars.

Yupo Chan – Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology

Even the normal single automobile commute has the capacity for improvement under Dr. Chan’s watchful eye. His work with the transportation advisory committee for METROPLAN, central Arkansas’ metropolitan planning organization, has led the city of Little Rock to utilize cameras to help deal with traffic timing.

Dr. Chan’s work with the Central Arkansas Transit Authority has also led to the definitive treatise on transit planning for the region’s future. This work has resulted in grants for technology designed to help residents plan their commutes more effectively, and it has the capacity to positively impact the number of accidents that occur during peak driving periods.

“There is a definite safety aspect to our work now,” Dr. Chan said. “If you cut down on the amount of traffic congestion, you have reduced the chances for an accident to happen. It’s a gratifying experience – knowing how you might help your neighbors improve their lives and improve the community.”

Yupo ChanIn working to help students in the Department of Systems Engineering understand other cultures, Dr. Chan achieves another level of service – for both the campus community and the state of Arkansas. He spearheaded efforts to set up an exchange program between the City University of Hong Kong, a university where he also serves as external advisor for the master’s program in quantitative business, and UALR.

Dr. Chan received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, master’s degree in transportation systems, and a doctorate in operations research – all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He maintains certification as a professional engineer in both Pennsylvania and Arkansas, and he is a member of the International Council for Systems Engineering and the American Society of Engineering Education. He is an officer for both the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Transportation Research Board