LeRoy T. Williams

Historical Evangelist with a Modern Twist

In his 29 years at UALR, Associate Professor L.T. Williams has established a guiding principle in his history classes. “History teaches lessons that are essential for the modern age.” With this belief, Dr. Williams encourages his students to embrace United States history, world civilization and African-American history with an open mind and willingness to become better human beings.

Williams 1.jpg Called “a great storyteller” by many students in his classes, Dr. Williams engages all his pupils in open discussion. By creating a safe atmosphere where anyone can ask any question, he gets to know his students well and tailors an instructional plan to address deficiencies and provide opportunities for each student’s success. Academic rigor – in life and the classroom – are not absent, though. Dr. Williams works to ensure that his students know that working hard will help them overcome any obstacles in life.

“Stories are the essence of what history is about,” Williams said. “We are all from different backgrounds, different communities, but we are all one people. We’re all human beings, and history is what links us together.”

Because he has a passionate fire for his subject matter, Dr. Williams is in demand as a guest speaker, consultant, and advisor for local social and civic organizations. His enthusiasm for sharing knowledge extends to everyone in the community, and he is well known as a strong resource for other history teachers.

Dr. Williams is unafraid to defend social justice and has inspired the next generation of teaching historians to do the same. He attracts history majors and non-majors alike to his upper-level courses in large numbers. Dr. Williams earned his doctorate from the University of Toledo in Ohio and is a member of the Organization of American Historians.