Completed Legislation, AY14-15


FS_2014_11. Graduate Council Term

FS_2014_12. Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee constituency

FS_2014_15. Faculty Research Committee

FS_2014_19. Fix Upper Level Requirement from 3/15/2013

FS_2014_23. Interim College Core legislation (not yet approved)

FS_2014_28. College Core Transfer Agreement (not yet approved)

FS_2014_30. Push back skills course implementation date (not yet approved)

FS_2014_27. Tweak Council on Core Curriculum and Policies to generalize approval process (not yet approved)


FS_2014_20. University Assembly email list

FS_2014_24. Scrap the Yellow Card (not yet approved)

FS_2014_25. Late fee process change (not yet approved)

FS_2014_29. eVersity Campus Governance (not yet approved)

FS_2014_21. Ethics Policy and Tenure Rights (not yet approved)