System Relations Committee

This committee shall be responsible for monitoring all system policies and procedures with reference to their impact on UALR. The committee shall outline the advantages and disadvantages of each policy to UALR faculty, staff, and students and make recommendations to the appropriate representative body or bodies that have been established under the authority of the Assembly

Membership shall be composed of the Assembly president, who shall serve as chairperson of the committee, the vice president of the Assembly, the president of the Student Government Association, and the chairperson of the Staff Senate. In addition, the Committee on Committees shall select one dean of a college or school, one other administrator, four faculty members, and two staff members to serve on the committee.

Office Represented  Name
President of the Assembly  Andrew Wright (chair)
Vice President of the Assembly  Zulma Toro
President of the Student Government Association  Jacob Laan
President of the Staff Senate  Christopher Hickman
Dean  Jane Wayland (dean CoB)
Administrator  Vacant
 Faculty Member  Rosalie Cheatham
 Faculty Member  Vacant
 Faculty Member  Vacant
 Faculty Member  Vacant
 Staff Member  Vacant
 Staff Member  Vacant

Past Membership