Traffic Committee

Traffic Committee: This committee shall recommend parking and traffic rules and improvements in parking facilities to the Assembly, the Faculty Senate, and the chancellor. It also shall hear appeals concerning traffic violations from individuals who are not students at UALR. Membership shall include four faculty members and two staff members named by the Committee on Committees and two student representatives named by the Student Government Association. Faculty and staff shall serve staggered, two-year terms, and students shall serve one-year terms. Members shall elect a chairperson annually. The administrative officer in charge of parking facilities and the chief security officer shall serve on this committee as members without vote.


Appointed Members of the Traffic Committee, AY15-16


Terms ending 2017

Terms ending 2016

Faculty appointed by Committee on Committees
Joe Felan (CoB)
Andrew Deiser (CoALS)
Faculty appointed by Committee on Committees

George Tebbets (EIT)
Karen Russ (Library)
Staff members appointed by the Committee on Committees

Arrayon Farlough
Students appointed by the Student Government Association (1 year term)

Ex officio Members (all without vote)
Position Represented
Administrator in charge of Traffic and Parking TBA
Chief Security Officer TBA

Past Membership