Academic Technology and Computing Committee

Academic Technology and Computing Committee: This committee shall be concerned with University computing services policies that affect academic programs and the general interest of UALR. This committee serves as a formal communication channel for the faculty and students with Information Technology Services. The Vice Chancellor of Information Services shall keep the committee informed on issues, policies, and resource allocations affecting the academic community via technology and computing at the university level. On an annual basis the committee shall review Information Technology Services’ policies as they affect the academic community. This review should include examining the impact of resource allocation of new technology to the learning process in a benefit/cost framework. In addition, the committee will consult with the Vice Chancellor of Information Services concerning budgets, both current and future, projected and actual expenditures. The committee shall furnish a report of their review and budget conference to the Faculty Senate by March 15 of each year.

The Academic Technology and Computing Committee shall consist of two full-time faculty members from each college or school including the library to be named by the Committee on Committees. In addition, two students shall be named by the Student Government Association. The Vice Chancellor of Information Services the Provost or their designees shall serve as ex officio members without vote. Any faculty member holding a position of “faculty in residence” within Information Technology Services may serve as a voting committee member during their appointment to such post. The terms of the two students shall be one year, while the terms of the appointed faculty members shall be two-year staggered terms.

Appointed Members of the Academic Technology and Computing Committee, AY15-16


Terms ending 2017

Terms ending 2016

College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences Hong Li Wang
Denise Legrand
College of Business Janet Bailey
Stephanie Farewell
College of Education and Health Professions Sara Fruechting
Catherine Crisp
College of Social Sciences and Communications Vacant
Mark Geise
Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology Vacant
Bruce Bauer
Ottenheimer Library Anne Liebst Emily Ray
Bowen School of Law Terrence Cain
Melissa Serfass
Student Government Association
Ex officio Members (all without vote)
Position Represented
designee of Vice Chancellor and Provost TBA
designee of Vice Chancellor of Information Services TBA
designee of Director of STaR Kati Molnar

Past Membership