Athletics Committee

This committee shall consider matters pertaining to the intercollegiate athletic program and shall be advisory in nature with respect to the relationship of athletics to the academic purposes of the University. These matters may include, but are not limited to, the monitoring of academic progress and eligibility of student-athletes, scheduling of athletic events, allocation of scholarships, recruitment of student-athletes, the adding and dropping of sports, NCAA and conference rules and changes, and other matters related to intercollegiate athletics.
The committee shall be composed of ten full-time faculty members to be appointed by the Committee on Committees of the Assembly, with representation by at least one voting member from each academic college or school (with the exception of the Bowen School of Law) and no more than two members from each academic college or school (including the Bowen School of Law). The Committee on Committees shall also appoint two staff members to the committee. The Student Government Association shall appoint two students to the committee. The faculty and staff members shall serve two-year, staggered terms, and the student members shall serve one-year terms. The director of athletics, registrar, and the advisor for student-athletes shall serve as ex officio members without vote.
A faculty athletics representative (FAR) will be appointed by the chancellor with advice from the Athletics Committee. The FAR will serve for a three-year term and may be reappointed for subsequent three-year terms. The FAR will serve on the Athletics Committee as an ex officio member with vote.

AY13-14 Membership

College Represented  Term Ending 14  Term Ending 15
AHSS  None  Naoki Hakutani
CoB  None  Eric Elder
CoB  None  Andy Terry
CoE  Katrina Michelle Leland  None
CoS  Matt Gifford  None
CoS  None  Not Filled
CPS  David Sink  None
CPS  David Weekly  None
EIT  None  Jim Carr
Academic Success  Susan Bowling  None
SGA  Joe Gibeault  None
SGA  Lauren McNeaill  None
Staff  Rodolfo Morales
Staff  David Kenley

Ex Officio

Office Represented  Name
 Director of Athletics Chris Petersen
Registrar  Joyce Hail
Advisee for Student Athletics  Jan Dannaway
Faculty Representative to NCAA (voting member)  David Briscoe (3 year term)