Honors and Awards Committee

Membership of the committee shall consist of two undergraduate students appointed by the Student Government Association, one graduate student appointed by the Graduate Student Association, two faculty representatives from each of the colleges, one Graduate School representative, and two alumni appointed by the Committee on Committees of the Assembly.

Appointed Members of the Honors and Awards Committee, AY14-15
If you have new information or spot errors, please e-mail them to Andrew Wright or Beth McMillan.


Terms ending 2015

College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences
Linda Holzer
Tar-pin Chin
College of Business
Cynthia Johnson
Stephanie Farewell
College of Education and Health Professions
Karina Clemmons
Debra Rerup
College of Social Sciences and Communications
Cindy Nahrwold
Katy King
Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology
Nick Jovanovic (chair)
Coskun Bayrak
Bowen School of Law
Lindsey Gustafson
Michael Flannery
Libby Smith
Scott Gordon
Student Government Association
Aaron Lazenby
Micah Parker
Graduate Student Association
Jacob Laan
Ex officio Members (all with vote)
Position Represented
representative of the Graduate School Paula Casey