Planning and Finance Committee

This committee exists for informational and advisory purposes only. While recognizing that the responsibility for the budgetary and planning process rests with the chancellor and administration, this committee will assist in these areas by reviewing proposed plans that have an impact on the academic mission of the University, such as revenues and revenue projections, budgets and budget projections, and the relationship of academic and capital planning to finance and budget matters. The committee shall work with the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration to review existing university reports, to make suggestions for changes to reports, and to provide input into developing reports that would be of greater interest to faculty or easier to understand. The committee shall report to the Faculty Senate concerning the UALR balance sheet and shall endeavor to produce other reports to show the use of funds on by the university and changes in the Annual Budget Book. In reporting on the UALR Balance Sheet the committee shall include such information as the amount of reserve funds and the total endowment. From the committee, a few faculty representatives shall attend the University level budget hearings and all academic budget hearings at or above the college level. The committee may make recommendations to the Faculty Senate, which may make recommendations to the chancellor. In circumstances where time does not allow deliberation and action by the Faculty Senate, the committee may make its recommendations directly to the chancellor, providing a copy (or report of oral recommendations) to each member of the Faculty Senate. To further facilitate significant involvement of the committee with the above processes, the committee shall select three of its faculty members to be on a subcommittee, which shall be available throughout the year for planning and finance matters. The subcommittee shall report to the committee. The committee shall consist of one member from the Ottenheimer Library faculty, two full-time faculty members (one of whom must be a member of the Faculty Senate at the time of appointment) from each college or school represented in the Faculty Senate to be named by the Committee on Committees, the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, the administrator responsible for budgeting and planning, the vice chancellor for finance and administration, and the vice chancellor for university advancement as ex-officio members of the committee. In addition, two students appointed by the Student Government Association shall serve as members. Faculty members shall serve two-year staggered terms, and students shall serve one-year terms.

Appointed Members of the Planning and Finance Committee, AY15-16


Terms ending 2017

Terms ending 2016

College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences
Rosalie Cheatham
Brian Berry
College of Business John Hendon
College of Education and Health Professions Jeff Carmack
Euchay  Horsmanen
College of Social Sciences and Communications Mary Parker
Peggy Scranton
Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology
Nick Jovanovic
Jeff Connelly
Ottenheimer Library None Emily J. Ray
Bowen School of Law Lynn Foster Lindsey Gustafson
Students appointed by Student Government Association
Ex officio Members (all with vote)
Position Represented
Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate go here
Administrator Responsible for Budgeting and Planning Sandra Robertson
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration TBD
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement Bob Denman

It was suggested that the director of Governmental Relations (Joni Lee in AY 14-15) might be added to the committee.

Past Membership of Planning and Finance Committee