Academic Technology and Computing Committee

Appointed Members of the Academic Technology and Computing Committee, AY17-18


Terms ending 2019

Terms ending 2018

College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences Minh Nguyen
Theresa Warner
College of Business Janet Bailey
Stephanie Farewell
College of Education and Health Professions Sara Fruechting Jeff Carmack
College of Social Sciences and Communications Joyce Carter Vacant
Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology Bruce Bauer Peiyi Tang (first meeting caller)
Ottenheimer Library Vacant Cori Schmidtbauer
Bowen School of Law  Terrence Cain
Melissa Serfass
Student Government Association None
Ex officio Members (all without vote)
Position Represented
designee of Vice Chancellor and Provost TBA
designee of Vice Chancellor of Information Services TBA
designee of Director of STaR TBA

Past Membership