Faculty Governance Committee

This committee acts to facilitate faculty governance and to insure that governance documents and policies are in accordance with all campus and University of Arkansas Board of Trustee policies. It monitors the Faculty Handbook insuring that approved changes are promptly and accurately incorporated into the Handbook. The committee shall establish cycles of review for the Handbook and all faculty governance documents from academic departments and schools and colleges. In the event a governance document does not reflect current campus policy(ies), the committee shall inform the unit(s) involved and assist the unit in developing needed modifications as feasible. The committee shall develop for approval by the Faculty Senate and Chancellor a generic college and a generic department governance document to be available for use by a newly created academic unit. In the event such a new academic department or college is created, this committee shall assist the new unit(s) with the development of governance document(s). Until such new document(s) is/are created, the new unit shall operate within the framework of the generic governance document provided by the committee.

Membership AY 14-15

President, Assembly and Faculty Senate Andrew Wright
Vice President, Faculty Senate Joanne Matson
Secretary, Faculty Senate Beth McMillan
Parliamentarian, Faculty Senate Denise Legrand
Immediate Past President, Faculty Senate Richard Ford
Faculty Senate Counsel Judith Faust
Past President, University Assembly Pete Tschumi (co-chair)
Past President, University Assembly Rosalie Cheatham (co-chair)

Work Flow of the Committee

When an academic unit has approved a governance document change, it should deliver that document to the Provost’s office for logging. Progress can be tracked according to the following table. From Article IV of the UALR Constitution, “The governance document shall be submitted for review first to the dean, then simultaneously to the Vice Chancellor and Provost and to the Faculty Governance Committee, and finally to the Chancellor for approval. The review of governance documents must occur during the regular nine-month academic year. Each review shall be accomplished within 30 calendar days and comments from the reviewers shall accompany the document as it is forwarded throughout the review and approval process. Upon the agreement of the dean, provost, and two representatives of the faculty governance committee, the review time may be extended to ninety days.”

The Provost’s Office maintains a check-list for departmental governance documents.

The Provost’s Office maintains a list of approved governance documents.

The Faculty Governance Committee has developed an implementation process for the Constitutional requirements to improve tracking through the system. 8-25-2014 [PDF].

Departments that do not have an approved governance document are required to operate under the Generic Departmental Governance document, until such a time as they gain approval.

Colleges that do not have an approved governance document are required to operate under the Generic College Governance document, until such a time as they gain approval.

Academic Unit Name Order in Queue Originator Date Submitted to Dean Dean Review Required by Dean Review Completed FGC Review Required by FGC Review Completed Provost Review Required by Provost Review Completed Chancellor Review Required by Chancellor Approve Date
Information Science  2 Liz Pierce 3/19/13 3/28/13  4/27/13  —  4/2/13
EIT (college)  0 Coskun Bayrak 8/21/12 12/10/12  1/9/13  —  4/10/13
College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences  1 Floyd Martin 8/28/2014  9/28/2014  9/28/2014
Criminal Justice  3 Jeff Walker TBD TBD
Marketing  not in queue
College of Business  not in queue
Econ and Finance  not in queue Mark Funk
 Accounting  2
 Business Information Systems  not in queue
Psychology in revision
Educational Leadership document location uncertain 10/20/11  11/20/11
Earth Sciences under evaluation Jeff Connelly
Constitution of the University Assembly
The constitution has changed many times since it’s inception in 1988. A committee of faculty incorporated those changes through 2007. For changes subsequent to that year, a change log has been started so as to achieve better configuration control.
Version Date Changed Summary of Change Relevant Legislation
5-15-2015 … All Changes to date Transmittal to Board of Trustees Memo to Chancellor (to be done)
Version Date Changed Summary of Change Relevant Legislation
Version Date Changed Summary of Change Relevant Legislation
Version Date Changed Summary of Change Relevant Legislation
  • V26
  • Constituency of Faculty Governance Committee
  • 4-23-2015 Faculty Senate minutes (first read)
  • 5-1-2015 Faculty Senate minutes (second vote)
  • Legislative Transmittal Form
  • V25 [PDF]
  • V25 – articles I-IV [WORD]
  • V25 – article V [WORD]
  • Term of Faculty Senators (to be done)
  • Add Student Affairs to legislative authority of the Faculty Senate (to be done)
  • Add Council on Core Curriculum and Policies to Article IV (to be done)
  • Amending Administrative Titles in the Constitution (to be done)
  • Interim Faculty Senate Reapportionment (to be done)
  • 9-21-2014 Faculty Senate Minutes (put on UA agenda)
  • 1-15-2015 Minutes (to be done)
  • 4-23-2015 Minutes (to be done)
  • Legislative Transmittal form (to be done)
  • V24 [PDF]
  • V24 – articles I-IV [WORD]
  • V24 – Article V [WORD]


10-16-2014(Note: swap with V23 below) Article V

  • removed Crittendon Book Scholarship Committee
  • add Public Outreach Committee
  • Change Vice President to President Elect throughout article V
 12-5-2014(Note: swap with V24 above)
  •  Tweak Council on Core Curriculum and Policies authority
  • Faculty Research Committee name change
  • Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee constituency
  • Graduate Council Term Change
  • article V. delete grievance committee
  • ATCC titles changes
  • Council on Core Curriculum and Policies
  • article V. change Staff Senate Officer Succession
  • 4/26/2012 Staff Senate Minutes (acknowledgement that chancellor approved changes)
  •  -> 3/15/12 Staff Senate Minutes (vote affirmed changes)
  • Text of the change cited in the minutes
  • 2/16/2012 Staff Senate Minutes(email vote)
  • 1/19/2012 Staff Senate Minutes(lack of quorum)
  • Undergrad Research Council changes name to Student Research and Creative Works Council and adds graduate research to its mission
  • Election of the President
  • Resource Manager -> Counsel
  • article V. quorum on approval,
  • staff senate achievement awards committee
  • communications officer and committee



  • ATCC modified administrative titles and increased faculty representatives
  • Athletics Committee increased faculty members and redefined FAR
  • Redefinition of the Admission and Transfer Credit Committee
  • Undergraduate Research Council
  • resource manager
  • faculty governance committee, debated in 4-14-2006 faculty senate meeting, approved in August, 22 2006 assembly meeting
  • definition of Academic Technology and Computing Committee
  • Changes to Faculty Appeals Council operating procedures
  • Changes to Academic Integrity and Grievance Committee membership and procedures
  • article V: fund drive committee -> fund-raising committee
  • Fringe Benefits Committee membership
  • Graduate & Undergraduate Council Campus reporting
  • Publications Committee appointment method change
  • PAC to attend budget hearings
  • past president becomes immediate past president
  • firm up census year
  • expansion of Planning and Finance Committee role
  • faculty teaching and service development committee
  • Honors & Awards Committee
Various Various This version should reflect only the changes listed below. The ad hoc faculty committee indicated that this version does not accurately reflect all changes to date.At least two changes were disallowed due to incorrect approval process.
 August 18, 1999
  • assembly quorum
  • term of offices of president and faculty senate officers
  • committee on committees to nominate president
 August 17, 1999
  • composition of staff senate
  • delete proxies


(Note: due to the difficulty of maintaining changes to article V concurrently, it is split out in the word document and reassembled in the PDF.)

October 4, 1996
  • Replacement for Article V
  No Version  Invalid change
  • Article I. add four staff members to Policy Advisory Council.
 4-26-1996 Minutes (Only one vote was taken to amend Article I.  This requires two consecutive votes of the University Assembly.)
August 19, 1993
  • how to amend the constitution
  • creation of past president
  • planning and finance
  • academic calendar and schedules committee
 March 15, 1991
  • Academic Calendar and Schedules Committee (note: prior to 1993, only one vote was required to change Faculty Senate committees)
 October 20, 1989
  • Honors and Awards Committee (note: prior to 1993, only one vote was required to change Faculty Senate committees)
 No version  Invalid Change Health and Wellness Committee
  •  Minutes of the 4/27/1989 University Assembly meeting
  • This change was not made consistent with the constitution, which requires two motions to be made at consecutive university assembly meetings.  The body attempted to suspend the rules to take a single vote; however, by-laws are not suspendable.This change has been left in the change-log in the event that the committee is desirable and that a future assembly will choose to reinstate this change.
  • Minutes of the 4/19/1989 Faculty Senate meeting where the idea of suspension of the rules was proposed.
  • 9/29/1988
  • Admission and Transfer Credit Committee (note: prior to 1993, only one vote was required to change Faculty Senate committees)
 1988  This constitution was adopted in 1988.
v0 [PDF] 9-24-2007 All changes from 1988-2007 August 19, 1993 January 19, 1996 October 4, 1996 October 10, 1997 August 18, 1999 Report from Ad Hoc Faculty Committee in 11/11/2005 Faculty Senate minutes
Rogue 3/21/2014 This is the constitution from ualr.edu/facultysenate as of 6/3/2014. Latest changes have not been reported to the Faculty Governance Committee and verified. Impossible to determine.

catastrophic leave committee academic adjustment

Last version of constitution on old Faculty Senate web site before the site was pulled down.