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Faculty Senate

Faculty Governance Committee

This committee acts to facilitate faculty governance and to insure that governance documents and policies are in accordance with all campus and University of Arkansas Board of Trustee policies. It monitors the Faculty Handbook insuring that approved changes are promptly and accurately incorporated into the Handbook. The committee shall establish cycles of review for the Handbook and all faculty governance documents from academic departments and schools and colleges. In the event a governance document does not reflect current campus policy(ies), the committee shall inform the unit(s) involved and assist the unit in developing needed modifications as feasible. The committee shall develop for approval by the Faculty Senate and Chancellor a generic college and a generic department governance document to be available for use by a newly created academic unit.

In the event such a new academic department or college is created, this committee shall assist the new unit(s) with the development of governance document(s). Until such new document(s) is/are created, the new unit shall operate within the framework of the generic governance document provided by the committee.

Membership AY 13-14

President, Assembly and Faculty Senate Andrew Wright
Vice President, Faculty Senate Joanne Matson
Secretary, Faculty Senate Beth McMillan
Parliamentarian, Faculty Senate Thomas McMillan
Immediate Past President, Assembly & Senate Richard Ford
Senate Counsel
Judith Faust
Past President, University Assembly
Pete Tschumi
Past President, University Assembly
Rosalie Cheatham

Work Flow of the Committee

Academic Unit Name Order in Queue Date Received Dean Review Date FGC Review Date Provost Review Date Chancellor Approve Date
Updated 11.2.2013