State financial aid

Applying for financial aid through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education has never been easier. Applicants can use the Universal Financial Aid System to search and apply for more than 20 scholarship, grant, and loan reimbursement programs without having to submit multiple applications. This includes the new Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (Academic Challenge – Part II).

Some of the ADHE financial aid opportunities:

  • Arkansas Academic Challenge
  • Governor’s Scholars Program
  • Military Dependents Scholarship Program
  • Higher Education Opportunities Grant (GO! Opportunities Grant)
  • Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program
  • Second Effort Scholarship

See a full list at ADHE’s site »

The State of Arkansas offers many different aid programs for undergraduate and graduate students. For the most up-to-date information regarding these aid programs, please visit the Arkansas Department of Higher Education Financial Aid page. If you have specific questions regarding eligibility, application status, or other issues, please contact the Arkansas Department of Higher Education at 1-800-547-8839.