How to Accept Aid

You may view your financial aid awards on the web using the UALR BOSS system. Several financial aid programs require you to officially accept the offer of assistance before the award can be finalized. UALR has simplified this process by allowing you to accept awards on-line. Please read this information carefully and follow the instructions for viewing and accepting your financial aid awards. Note that only some types of financial aid awards require on-line acceptance. For example, Pell Grants and SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant) awards do not require an official acceptance.
The following awards require an official acceptance in order to finalize the award:

  1. Entering Freshman Scholarships
  2. Entering Junior Scholarships
  3. Federal Work Study Awards
  4. Federal Student Loans

You must have a UALR PIN (personal identification number) in order to access the on-line system. All students are issued a PIN when they apply for admission to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. If you have not yet received a PIN or if you do not know your PIN, please contact the UALR Admissions Office: Undergraduate Admissions 501-569-3127; Graduate Admissions 501-569-3206; Law School Admissions 501-324-9903. NOTE: For security reasons, the PIN cannot be given to the student via phone. UALR will mail you letter containing the PIN, or you can come to the Admissions Office and receive the PIN in person by presenting appropriate photo identification.

To View, Accept, Decline, or Reduce Financial Aid Awards on the web

  1. Log on to the UALR BOSS system:
  2. Click on Enter Secure Area (LOGIN)
  3. Review Important Dates and click on I’m ready to login to BOSS
  4. Enter your UALR ID# (usually your Social Security Number) and your PIN and click on Login
  5. Click on Student Services and Financial Aid
  6. Click on Financial Aid
  7. Click on My Award Information
  8. Click on Accept Award Offer by Aid Year
  9. Choose ‘2008-2009 Academic Year’ from the ‘Select Aid Year’ drop-down box and click on


  1. Follow the instructions for accepting, declining, and revising award amounts. Awards with a status of ‘offered’ must be accepted in order to finalize the award. Awards with a status of ‘approved’ or ‘accepted’ have already been accepted.
  2. Work Study Work Study awards have a two-week acceptance deadline. If you do not accept the work study award within two weeks of the date it was offered to you, the award will be cancelled.
  3. Student Loans The loan amount(s) on your award letter reflect(s) the maximum loan(s) you are eligible to receive. You may decrease a loan amount, but you may not increase the award.
  4. If you are a new borrower, you must also choose a lender from the list provided.
  5. You must be enrolled at least half-time to receive loan funds.

Review Award Messages and Financial Aid Requirements– Be sure to click on each of these links at the bottom of the ‘Accept Award Offers’ web page. View my award messages gives you specific information about your awards. View the status of my financial aid requirementsdisplays the status of all required documents and will tell you which requirements are missing or incomplete.

Other Financial Assistance Please note that financial assistance from other sources (scholarships, tuition assistance, tuition discounts, veteran’s assistance, etc.) must be taken into account when determining eligibility for federal and state financial aid awards. If you will receive assistance from any source not listed on your award notice, you should notify the UALR Financial Aid Office immediately.