Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study Program

This federally funded financial aid program enables students to earn money toward college expenses by working on campus. Students may work up to twenty hours a week while classes are in session. Students are paid twice per month on the 15 and 30/31. The rate of pay is based on the federal minimum wage. The money earned must be spent on educational expenses associated with your cost of attending school.

  • Awarded to students with financial need
  • Student works on-campus and are paid as work is completed at federal minimum wage.
  • Funds are limited and most commonly awarded to first qualified students


In order for students to be considered for the Federal Work-Study Program, the office must receive an official FAFSA from the federal processor prior to the UALR priority deadline of March 1. This program is awarded based on financial need. Once all available funds are awarded, students may submit a request for Federal Work-Study to be placed on a waiting list. As students decline offered awards or choose not to work, available funds are reallocated to other interested students.