Web Time Entry

Web Time Entry is an electronic method of reporting hours worked and leave time that allows employees to submit their time and leave reports through BOSS for approval instead of through the previously used paper system. It accomplishes several goals, including sustainability by using a paperless method and greater efficiency through technological resources. Advantages include a reduction of errors, employee empowerment, reduction of lost time sheets, and finally, access to time sheets or leave reports anywhere and anytime.

Classified and non-classified employees self-report only their exception time while hourly employees submit their time to their supervisor, and then departmental leave administrators enter hours worked into Web Time. Comp time earned is also entered using Departmental Entry for classified employees.

There are many helpful resources regarding Web Time Entry located on this site.  Click on the links to the left to learn more about Web Time Entry, access training documents, forms, quick reference guides, and manuals.

Web Time Entry workshops will be periodically offered for new employees or as a refresher course for existing employees.  Visit our Training website to view and register for these training opportunities.

To receive assistance with Web Time Entry please contact the Payroll Office at 501.569.8452 or email, payrollwebtime@ualr.edu.



Due to the excellent hands-on training sessions, the detailed handouts, and the competency of UALR’s Office of Financial Services, Health Services has experienced nothing other than “smooth sailing” with Web Time Entry. As with any new program, we did find ourselves with a couple of questions.  Those questions were submitted through payrollwebtime@ualr.edu and the answers were received promptly. Web Time Entry has proven to be a great success in our office. ~ Charlotte Beck, Health Services