Time Approval Quick Reference Guide

Click HERE for a printable version of this guide.

Opening Leave Report/Time Sheets:

  1. Log into BOSS (boss.ualr.edu).
  2. Enter your T# and pin.
  3. Click the link: “Click here to continue …”
  4. Click the “Employee” tab.
  5. Click “Leave Report.”

Approving Leave Reports/Time Sheets:

  1. Select the radio button beside “Approve” or “Acknowledge Time.”
  2. If acting as a proxy, choose a name from the drop down box beside “Act as a Proxy.”
  3. Click “Select.”
  4. Select the radio button beside “Time Sheets” or “Leave Reports.”
  5. From the drop down menu, select the current pay period, then click “Select.”

Summary of Approval Status:

  1. Not Started. Employee has not opened the leave report yet. **Note: All classified and non-classified employees must submit a leave report, even if there was no leave usage.
  2. Pending. Leave report has been submitted for approval. **Note: Verify appropriate comments are added. Click “Approve” if leave report to time sheet is accurate.
  3. Completed. Supervisor has approved employee’s leave report.
  4. Return for Correction. Supervisor has returned the leave report to the employee for correction. **Note: You must notify the employer.
  5. In Progress. Leave report has been opened by the employee but has not been submitted for approval. **Note: Verify the leave report has been submitted by the appropriate due date. If the leave report has not been submitted and approved by the due date, a Leave Adjustment Form must be submitted.

Setting Up a Proxy:

  1. At the “Time Reporting Selection” screen, click “Proxy Set Up.”
  2. From the drop down menu, select the appropriate proxy. **Note: A proxy must be at your level or higher.
  3. Add the proxy by checking the box next to the name, then click “Save.”

Tips and Reminders:

  1. A work week is Monday through Sunday.
  2. Leave reports and time sheets must be approved by 5 p.m. on the specified date.
  3. If a Leave Report is not submitted by the appropriate date, a Leave Adjustment Form must be submitted to the Payroll Office.