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The Forum asks: What is your worst roommate experience?

Submitted by Callie Evans on January 28, 2011 – 6:29 pmNo Comment

“I walked into my room once and there was a sock on the door, but my roommate was the only one in there.” Daniel Harrison, sophomore biology major

“My roommate and I had a constant ongoing battle over the temperature setting–I like it cold, he liked it hot.” Matthew Boyd, UALR staff member

“We had huge fights about me wanting to watch TV early in the morning. Even when it was really quiet she would whine. She also hated lights. But then she would blow-dry her hair at 8 a.m. right next to my head when I was sleeping.” Laura Keeling, sophomore undeclared major

“The worst experience I had with my roommate is when my ex-roommate tried to play peer-to-peer games on the Internet on my account. I wasn’t paying attention and gave him my password and when I got back from class he had gotten me locked off of the network for the rest of the semester. It pissed me off.” Rustin Reed, freshman chemistry major

“My roommate moved all of my things into one corner and I had no room. I moved.” Felicia Whitaker, sophomore chemistry major

“My roommate brought in a cooler of deer meat and left it sitting there for two weeks and it stunk up the room. My suitemate and I finally just threw it away. It was gross.” Dennis Geswein, junior mass communication major

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