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UALR celebrates Earth Day

Submitted by Victoria Hickey on March 20, 2015 – 1:22 pm6 Comments

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock will be hosting and participating in numerous events to celebrate Earth Day.  Starting March 21, UALR’s Sustainability Committee will be participating in Heifer International’s annual Beyond Hunger event.  There will be many other events leading up to the big celebration, which will be April 8.

On April 4, there will be a Coleman Creek clean up and on April 6 there will be an Earth Talk and a few other events.  The main celebration on April 8 will consist of many events, a few being the Trojan Trailblazers Green Walk, a farmer’s market, food trucks and the Semi-Annual Recycling Drop-off.

“Our goal is to create awareness about sustainability, showcase sustainability-related projects and activities that are occurring on campus, and engage our local community,” Kim Tran, the Sustainability Committee Chair, said.

These events are open to UALR students, faculty and staff, as well as the local community.

We want our community to see practical ways they can adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as be more globally aware,” Tran said.

If you have any questions, contact Kim Tran at


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