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Sigma Lambda Gamma is a show-stopper

Submitted by Analee Jones on February 26, 2016 – 3:23 pmNo Comment

The excitement was on at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock on Friday, Feb. 12. A new sorority was announced at a probate that night. Sigma Lambda Gamma made their debut on the Arkansas stage. The University Field House was packed with Greeks and supporting family members. The night started out with all the Greeks coming out and stepping to the beat of the music. However, in the back locker room the founding line was getting prepared for their show.

Freshman Natasha Wilbon, one of the members of the line, said, “We called for our Dean to come in and she kind of gave us a pep talk.”

The Gamma moms were also encouraging their daughters before and during the probate. The journey for them was hard and a trial in itself. Freshman Brenda Zambrano, captain of the line, stated that, “Gamma moms help prepare for this day. Also we were told to speak with conviction.” The Sigma Lambda Gamma girls showed their dedication to the process by being diligent. Zambrano also mentioned that they bonded very close with their line. “If you didn’t see all of us together it was usually two of us together.”

The girls were stoked to have this chapter here to bring more and more diversity to the school’s sororities. Willing and dedicated these girls hope to steal the show away.

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