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Country singer Brent Cobb to perform in Little Rock

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Not every artist is made the same, and country music singer Brent Cobb is a perfect example. His genuine style combines the simplicity of country music with the “Down Home” (a hit record by Cobb) feel of blues. In a phone interview conducted with Cobb, he spoke of early musical influences, his unique style and his upcoming performance at the Revolution (REV) Room.

Cobb was born in Ellaville, Georgia, a small town 125 miles south of Atlanta; this was where he first experienced music. Cobb said he has been performing music as far back as he can remember, but in the last 10 years he has been pursuing it professionally.

When asked of his early influences he said, “My whole family has always been into music, so they were the biggest influence.” Cobb said his father, mother and uncle have always been musically inclined. Also, his cousin Dave Cobb is a Grammy award winning producer. The two collaborated on Cobb’s major label debut album, “Shine on Rainy Day.”

The first single off the album is “Black Crow.” With just his acoustic guitar providing a smooth tempo, “Black Crow” has attained great reviews by the music magazine Rolling Stone.

Cobb’s soulfulness serves as a unique style. In answering what he considered his music style, Cobb said, “I guess I’ll just call it country spirit.” His answer just as unique as the style itself.

Cobb, who is a songwriter, wrote a hit single for Miranda Lambert named “Sweet By & By.” Other notable artists he has written for include Kenny Chesney, Kellie Pickler and Eli Young Band. He also toured with Willie Nelson in 2011, and Cobb hopes to collaborate with Nelson in the future. Kris Kristofferson is also at the top of Cobb’s list for artists to work with.

Being a songwriter has brought Cobb recognition, but when asked if anybody has ever written for him, he said, “Only one song. One winter we were spending in Cleveland, I just remember daddy singing a tune called ‘Country Bound’ and it is the only song someone else has wrote for me.” He added, “Country Bound” is his favorite song on the album.

In regards to how he named the album, Cobb said he was originally going to name it “Georgia,” but a childhood friend changed his mind. “My friend and his wife were going through some hardships and I let him listen to the album. [The friend] said ‘Shine on Rainy Day’ really stuck out to him and helped him through his personal strife. It was a no-brainer after that.” Other songs on the album include “Solving Problems” and “Diggin’ Holes.”

Now that he is reaching more ears in the music industry, Cobb was asked where he sees his career in the next five to ten years. He answered in the humbly, “If I can have 300 people at my shows, I’ll call that success.”

Speaking of his upcoming visit to Little Rock, Cobb said, “I am really looking forward to returning to the Little Rock. I performed at the Rev Room back in 2012 and can’t wait to come back and deliver a great performance.” Cobb will be performing at the Rev Room Tuesday Oct. 4.

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