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App relieves student stress

Submitted by Ricky Harris on November 13, 2011 – 5:40 pm6 Comments

Relaxation is something that college students rarely enjoy. Whether it’s working a job, taking care of kids, or doing homework, we’re always stressing out. That’s why the “Relax Melodies” app for iPhone and iPad was a fun find.

When I do find time for sleep, it is hard for me to clear my mind and doze off into la-la land. The “Relax Melodies” app offers 82 different relaxing sounds that help me do just that. Different sounds can be played simultaneously, offering users the ability to form their own sounds.

The array of sounds is sure to offer something to please anyone’s taste. I found my favorites to be the sounds of a rain storm with the backdrop of thunder. I always love opening my windows during a thunderstorm, so this app gives me that opportunity anytime I want it. The only thing that would make it better would be if it also provided the smell of rain. But hey, a tablet can only do so much, right?

The app is available in a free version as well as a $3.99 version. The paid version allows users to use other apps while still running the relaxing sounds.

A few of the many available sounds include: birds, white noise, a campfire and icy snow.



  • Michael says:

    Intriguing post I thought it was great, so keep at it.

  • OnkelSeosErbe says:

    As a german student I will try this app. We all know how much it is worth to relax in the meantime of our exams. Sometimes I’ve also the problem to sleep or to relax. Maybe this will help me too.
    Greetings Tobias

  • Kyle says:

    Very good post it is a very interesting read and I hope to see many more just like it, thanks.

  • Raffaele says:

    I like this kind of features. I will test it for sure.

  • Anonymous says:

    Good stuff on relaxation. Plenty of relaxing audio and video free and for cheap

  • partnerhoroskop says:

    to run the relaxation mode while running other apps is supercute. this is best for relaxed learning with ease. good app. def. will give it a try.