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International ceramics artist shares craft with students

Submitted by LaToya Sergent on September 30, 2010 – 11:24 amNo Comment

At an event hosted by the Clay Guild and ceramics professor Stephen Driver, internationally known ceramic artist Rimas VisGirda

Photo by LaToya Sergent — Rimas VisGirda sketches his design on ceramic tile Wednesday in room 156 of he fine arts building.

shared his artistry with students on Wednesday, Sep. 22, and Thursday, Sep. 23, in the Fine Arts building. He demonstrated his ceramics techniques and gave a slide presentation on his artwork Wednesday from 6 – 7 p.m.

During his demonstration on Wednesday, VisGirda taught a group of Driver’s ceramics students about using wax and how to effectively use color and line. He asked his audience, “What is the difference between art and design?” After he did not get the answer he wanted, he went to the blackboard at the back of the room and drew a watermelon.

“This is design,” he said. VisGirda then drew a line under the picture.
“That’s art.”

Photo by LaToya Sergent — Rimas VisGirda paints his design on Wednesday in room 156 of he fine arts building.

Born in Lithuania, VisGirda now lives in Illinois, where he lectures and does demonstrations. His work has been featured in exhibits across Europe and the United States.
VisGirda said he became a ceramic artist through “blind luck.” He said he does ceramics because it is his job. “It’s the same reason an engineer goes to work to do engineering stuff. I make clay stuff.”
Though his primary medium is clay, VisGirda said it is more about the images on the clay.
“It has to do with life. It has to do with my family, the things that I see around me, the things I see in the culture,” Visgirda said. “I travel a lot I think that gives people experiences to expand both visually and culturally. And that’s it.”

Photo by LaToya Sergent

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