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Theft triggers security presence

Submitted by Callie Evans on October 15, 2010 – 9:49 amOne Comment

Have you noticed security in the cafeteria lately?

I sat down with Lt. James Heath of the UALR Department of Public Safety to find out about the increased police presence in the dining area.

Heath told me Sandy Harbison, Sodexo general manager, asked to have his officers keep a particular eye on the area. Harbison was unavailable for comment.

Heath said thefts happen in the dining area from time to time, but they seem to be on the rise lately. Heath is hopeful that the police presence will discourage thieves.

“Hopefully the patrons will see that we are there and they will get the understanding that they shouldn’t be [stealing] – it’s not right.

“The theft of services by some of the patrons [reduces] the little bit of profit that food services is making…the only way to compensate and make up for the [lost] purchase is to increase the prices, which hurts all of us and that, they don’t want to do. They want to provide good quality food and good service at a comparative price to some of the other restaurants and fast food around,” Heath said.

I asked if there was a time frame for the increased police presence, and Heath said officers would continue to patrol the area on normal rounds indefinitely.

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  • Suzi says:

    If anyone’s robbing people, it’s Sodexo. Their insane prices, terrible food,and even worse politics are a disgrace. UALR should be ashamed to have a contract with them. They rip off student organizations who are actually trying to provide the campus with services. They try to provide “good quality food and good service at a comparative price to some of the other restaurants and fast food around”? None of that has happened yet. They take advantages of students and the service is terrible, particularly at events. It is even worse when it is done by an organization. The people in charge are rude and always just hanging out or gone altogether. Sodexo is the worst part of UALR–even worse than the parking.