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Graphic or fashion? ‘Art is art’

Submitted by Jamila Brown on October 22, 2010 – 8:33 amNo Comment

The art program at UALR is breeding unique and talented artists. Seniors Carmen Camp and Lilia Hernandez are two students whose educations in fine arts are translating into real world achievements.

Carmen Camp (left) holds one of her graphic designs while wearing a corset by fashion designer Lilia Hernandez (right). Photo by Jamila Brown

Camp, a Little Rock native, is a studio art major emphasizing in graphic design. She was pleasantly surprised with the art program at UALR, crediting some of her success to the graphic design program structure.

“I like how we get a solid foundation in the basics…then you are pushed over to a professor who says ‘you know what to do, now do it.’ You really get a strong background in skill to express your creative freedom,” Camp said.

She pulls a lot of her own inspiration from the modern styles of Bauhaus, emphasizing angular grids, askew positioning, and sharp, geometric, bold colors.

After graduation, Camp plans to go to Dallas for work. Ultimately, she plans to start her own company focusing on non-profit organizations that cannot always afford the more expensive graphic designers.

Camp is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and the Art Students Association, providing her plenty of opportunities to interact with other inspirational people and artists, where she may have met fashion designer Hernandez.

“Graphic design and fashion are very close actually,” Camp remarked. The fashion world needs logos and advertisements, and graphic designers need to be able to present themselves in an aesthetic representation of their work. “Your fashion sense definitely has something to do with that,” Camp said.

Hernandez agrees with there being close ties between graphic and fashion design. “Certain designs are across the board. Clothing can become a graphic, a graphic can become part of a clothing design,” Hernandez said, “Art is art.”

Hernandez is originally from Torreon Coahuila, Mexico. She moved to Jonesboro when she was five, and then to Little Rock eight years later where she is now a studio art major emphasizing on drawing and illustration.

“My work is very concept-driven, emphasizing the character and heritage of Mexico,” she said.

“Sometimes it deals with immigration and my political and personal affiliations.” It is hard to argue whether her works are first a statement or fashion, though.

Box Turtle in Hillcrest has picked up her line, and it hangs next to Little Rock’s fashion star, Korto Momolu. Her work can be seen on Facebook at Achis Designs.

After graduation, the fashion designer plans to take a couple years off to dabble in workshops, shows and galleries. Then graduate school is in her sight, where she plans to earn a degree in the hopes of teaching art at the university level.

So how did an illustration major become a fashion designer?

“UALR has really allowed me to grow. All of the professors are very inspirational and helpful in driving me conceptually. Though I wish there was more [of] a fabric and textiles emphasis, all of my professors encourage the use of different media,” Hernandez said.

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