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UALR appoints new ORSP director

Submitted by Kyle Troutman on January 20, 2011 – 2:07 pmNo Comment

After 12 years at UALR, spent mostly in accounts payable and business consulting, Allen Stanley has been named the new director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).

According to a UALR press release, Stanley will be responsible for management of the ORSP; overseeing reporting and audit activities related to sponsored programs; serving as a liaison with all grant and sponsored program internal and external constituents; promoting the research and sponsored programs enterprise at UALR and supporting the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

“We have an opportunity to rebuild after a huge turnover,” Stanley said. “Any time new management comes in, that means change.”

Stanley plans on implementing change in the ORSP with four main goals. First, Stanley wants to shift the grant monies UALR receives from state level grants to federal grants, and also expand the number of grants while getting the best bang for the buck. Second, he wants to make sure the staff has everything needed and, in his words, are “inspired to go the extra mile.”

Third, Stanley wants to have smooth communication and promote collaboration within the office. “I have the ability to work with any personality. I’m a real team player,” Stanley said.

Finally, he hopes to streamline an effort to go electronic and green. “I want to start to implement an electronic proposal routing system, which will do away with paper during the proposal development process,” he said. The advantages of the switch are clear – less clutter and shuffling of papers when creating grant proposals, and less use of paper, adding the cost of each ream back to the ORSP budget.

These ideas may be credited to Stanley’s qualifications for director. Attending Parker’s Chapel School in El Dorado for all of his K-12 education, Stanley graduated in a class of 28 and moved on to the University of Central Arkansas. He received a Bachelor of Business in Administration and Accounting from UCA and has been working in finance ever since.

Patrick Pellicane, vice provost for research and dean of the graduate school, made Stanley’s appointment and based his decision on Stanley’s further experience.

“Allen has considerable experience in a wide range of accounting-related areas,” Pellicane said in the UALR release. “After graduating from the University of Central Arkansas and prior to joining UALR as a Financial Services accountant in 1998, he was with First Commercial Mortgage managing their Fannie Loan Portfolio. In 2000, he went to the accounts payable desk at the Small Business and Technology Development Center where he stayed until coming to ORSP in 2008 as a senior grants and contracts accountant.”

When not delving in the world of finance, Stanley is an avid reader. “I’ll read just about anything,” he said. “Just reading itself is enjoyable to me.”

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