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The Forum asks: Do you plan to vote in the upcoming SGA election?

Submitted by Jennifer Ellis on March 10, 2011 – 2:02 amNo Comment

Compiled by Chelsey Brummet, staff photographer–

“President?  I didn’t even know we had a student government.  But, whoever our President is should address student safety in inclement weather.” Brandon Luebke, senior environmental science major

“I didn’t even know about it!  I think that if it were advertised better, then the school would know more about it, and the SGA would have a better turnout in voters.” Britny Brauburger, junior marketing major

“No I don’t plan on voting because I didn’t hear about the elections until right now.” Jason Brandford, junior mechanical engineering major

“Yes I do plan on voting!  I am voting because my CA is running and he told me to vote for him, and I didn’t vote last year, so I feel like I should this time.” Kinshasa Hicks, junior information science major

“I don’t know what the SGA is, I have never heard about the SGA elections, if I was more informed I would probably vote.” Kesha Stovall, senior studio art major

“I didn’t know that it was going on, so I probably won’t vote.” Rachel Luebke, junior rhetoric and writing major

“I am not planning on voting.  I just totally forgot they were going on.” Loyd Johnson, junior physiology major

“No I don’t plan on voting in the elections, I’m never on campus.” Sara Castleberry, senior nursing major

“No I don’t plan on voting.  I don’t know where to vote or who is running. I’ve only seen a few posters, and no other information.” Courtney Collins, freshman English major

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