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Bowen Law School symposium draws national attention

Submitted by Kyle Troutman on April 3, 2011 – 5:13 pmNo Comment

More than 200 attorneys will make their way to the Bowen Law School Thursday to attend the annual Ben J. Altheimer Symposium.

Bowen Law School and the UALR Law Review, in partnership with the Clinton School of Public Service, will host “Reframing Public Service Law: Innovative Approaches to Integrating Public Service into the Legal Profession.”

The event will feature nine out-of-state speakers, most of which have never been to Arkansas. Russell Pearce, of Fordham Law, will present on the “Healing Power of Public Service”; Scott Cummings, of UCLA Law, will present on “21st Century Challenges Facing Access to Justice”; Former Arkansas politics juggernaut David Pryor will present on *verifying info*

Participant in the concurrent degree program with Bowen Law School and the Clinton School, Chanley Painter is organizing the event and said she is excited about its prominence.

“This is the premier conference on this topic in the country,” she said. “The speakers here are leading the field of public service law.”

The symposium’s goal is to educate professionals and students about public service law, including international law, legal aid law and non-profit law, to shift the focus from just government work to different parts of the law profession.

Painter said, “We are trying to get attendees to think, how can I use resources available to integrate public services in different areas of the legal profession?”

In previous years, the symposium has hosted topics such as prisoner’s rights, social justice, education funding, media law and ethics, children of divorce and racial equality.

Painter attended the event on prisoners’ rights last year. She said she learned about national, international and women prisoners’ rights among other topics.

“If you are interested in practicing law in the future, attending [the symposiums] can get you a head start and allow you to network with professionals already in the field,” she said. “This year’s symposium is also bigger and better, with more national appeal.”

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