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Sum 41 goes darker with ‘Murder’

Submitted by Kyle Troutman on April 7, 2011 – 1:53 pmNo Comment

“While looking for the answers only questions come to mind, because I’ve been lost in circles that for now seem quite some time.”

These lyrics to Sum 41’s “Sick of Everyone,” off their new album “Screaming Bloody Murder,” are indicative of  the album’s dark framework.

With 14 tracks, “Screaming Bloody Murder” hardly resembles their debut album “All Killer No Filler,” released in 2001, or their previous album “Underclass Hero,” released in 2007.

This album begins with an eerie, almost Halloween-style intro, complete with tolling bells and then adding in a powerful chord set, seemingly turning a home to a haunted mansion.

Much of the album’s lyrics discuss fighting through pain, loss and adversity to find answers in a world not completely understood.

“Reason to Believe”, “Skumf*k”, ”What am I to Say”, “Holy Image of Lies”, and “Sick of Everyone”, combine to give the album a dark, mysterious voice that is almost unsettling. Lots of hard, driving guitar chords and fast, hi-hat ridden drums keep the beat pumping and may induce a tempo-based nodding of the head.

Some slower songs, like “Jessica Kill” or “Crash,” change the pace and break up the myriad of songs that begin to sound the same more than halfway through the album.

Much of the lyrics are also about companionship, with some songs implying a blossoming relationship, and others telling how the relationship implodes.

Although there are no songs  like “Fat Lip” or “Summer,” two of their biggest hits of the past, the album is still strong and can make for money well spent if you are aware of the band’s new direction.

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