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Storm sends Stabler dish down stairwell

Submitted by Kyle Troutman on June 2, 2011 – 2:40 pmNo Comment

Straight-line winds did some damage on the roof of Stabler Hall April 19.

In the wake of possible tornadoes near the university, winds blew a large concrete dish off its base and down the top flight of stairs on Stabler’s seventh floor.

KUAR Manager Ben Fry donated the dish to the applied science program, which covered it in tape and used it for solar experiments. However, RTVF engineer Steve Wilhite, who manages the numerous dishes on the roof, said the weather-worn solar dish has not been used in years.

“The dish was tethered down by a nylon rope,” Wilhite said. “If it wasn’t tied down it might have gone off the building.”

The UALR physical plant came to the building to cut up the dish and remove it permanently.

There is no indication that the storms had an effect on any other satellite dishes on the roof.

“There are several satellite dishes in use up there,” Wilhite said. “One dish was blown from facing East to facing West, but we’ve had no other issues.”

The applied science program’s solar dish was the only one of its kind, and all other dishes are fully mounted on the roof.

“I don’t even know if a direct hit from a tornado would take [the mounted dishes] off,” Wilhite said.

Video of the fallen dish, taken the morning of April 20, may be found on UALRTV’s youtube page.

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