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UALR welcomes new EIT dean

Submitted by Jamila Brown on June 2, 2011 – 2:41 pmNo Comment

There’s nothing like a little rain to ruin a party; but, despite the torrential downpour and grey skies Thursday, April 21, the atrium of the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce was filled with sunny dispositions as the College of Engineering and Information Technology welcomed its new dean with a catered reception.

Eric Sandgren, along with his wife, shook hands with a veritable who’s who of UALR administration, professing their excitement and joy at having landed in Little Rock. After serving as dean at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and at Virginia Commonwealth University, Provost John Belcher said it was Sandgren’s proven involvement as “a man of the community” that made him the most desirable candidate for UALR.

By spearheading an engineering in the arts program in Las Vegas, Sandgren created a connection between his students and organizations such as Cirque de Soleil, resulting in innovative and eye opening experiences for everyone involved.

“Art and engineering share the common bond of being design, they are just from different frames of mind,” Sandgren said, noting he would be interested in building a similar program here.

This summer he will replace Mary Good after 10 years as EIT dean.

“Mary has obviously done an incredible job, and my goal is really to keep that momentum going,” Sandgren said. “The new building is amazing, and I want to continue to give students the resources to define the future of Little Rock.”

“I’ve always been a builder,” Sandgren said. “We are excited about our future here in Little Rock, and plan to stay for a while. In just a few weeks this community has given us so much we didn’t get in Las Vegas; a friendly atmosphere, that southern comfort, and something we haven’t seen in 8 years, a thunderstorm.”

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