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App pick of the week

Submitted by Matt Johnson on August 16, 2011 – 5:25 pmNo Comment

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Some apps you’ll use once and forget about, but The Forum’s app pick of the week, Zite by Zite, just might become one of those that is so useful it makes it all the way to the coveted desktop of your mobile device.

Zite by Zite is a personalized magazine and is only for the iPad. It learns what you like and what you don’t, through input you give the app about articles you read on it. It took about a week, but I will say this; I use Zite everyday, several times a day.

The interface is simple and unobtrusive. The front page is like the table of contents of a magazine, with various section choices down the right hand side of the screen. You pick a section, read articles and tell the app whether you liked them or not, by pushing a green thumbs up or a red thumbs down. The app aggregates these ratings and uses them to deliver content you will be interested in reading. After about 10 days, it was uncanny how good the app had become at consistently delivering content I wanted to read. I found myself reading more and more of the articles it found for me and skipping less and less. The app has also run flawlessly on my first-generation iPad, never crashing or freezing.

Give Zite a week, read the articles it finds for you, tell it whether you like them or not and you might be surprised at how good it gets at giving you just what you want. If you find a particular article interesting, the app has built in features that allow you to post it to Facebook or send the link as an email. Best of all, the app is free in the App Store on iTunes. If you’ve tried Zite, please feel free to leave us comments on your experience with the app.

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