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Odd soul or new sound?

Submitted by Elizabeth Armstrong on August 18, 2011 – 12:56 amNo Comment

Alternative Rock band MUTEMATH released their new single “Blood Pressure” on August 5. The single also includes B-side “Odd Soul.”

“Odd Soul,” also the name of their forthcoming album,  will be released October 4.  The track “Blood Pressure” contains suspense at the beginning of the song, opening with moody guitar riffs, and jazzy drum beats.  Lead singer and keyboardist Paul Meany’s repetitious lyrics set the song up to just be average.

“Odd Soul” creates an atmosphere where listeners can groove and bang their heads. Darren King’s drumming style on this track is basic, but brilliant as he uses his poppy snare drum like a weapon.

Since guitarist Greg Hill left the band in October 2010, the three members have been taking turns playing guitar on their new album.  Bassist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas‘s style on the track “Odd Soul” is comparable to the American rock band from Ohio, The Black Keys.

These tracks do not compare to the previous songs that MUTEMATH have put out.  They are slowly drifting away from their electronic sound, heading toward a  more bluesy rock feel.  Fans will probably cling more to their songs such as “Typical” which was featured on their self-titled album released in September 2006, and “Spotlight” which was featured on the “Twilight” motion picture soundtrack, and their second studio album “Armistice” released in August 2009.

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