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Nero drops Welcome Reality

Submitted by Justin Rowland on August 30, 2011 – 12:31 pmNo Comment

Electronic music duo, Nero, released their first album to the world Aug. 15 landing the number one spot on the UK album chart. This comes as no surprise as Nero have been remixing and creating original tracks since 2004 to great success.

Welcome Reality is identified as a dubstep album but it brings much more to the table with a blending of drum & bass, electro house, and even a bit of orchestral sounds. The album begins with an atmospheric intro before raising the energy with “Doomsday.” It brings in the massive synths and basslines that are expected from Nero and becomes the first wave of energy that sets a trend throughout the album as more tracks begin slow and develop the tension while waiting for the bass to drop and excitement to fly. Vocalist Alana Watson is introduced in “My Eyes” as mostly backgrounds vocals to a much more prominent electro/dubstep tune.

While the album comes with many original gems, some of the best tracks have been released as singles in the past. I don’t fault Nero for adding the old tracks in order to create the best album they could, they do not detract from the tone of the album as the old tracks have been placed in key locations so as to keep the overall feel of the album intact.

The iTunes deluxe edition comes with a few more tracks that are worth it if you are a fan of their sound. Nero teamed up with the BBC philharmonic orchestra to create the final track of the deluxe edition. A seventeen minute long unique blend of dubstep and orchestra that will leave your skin tingling.

Overall the album is worth it for fans of electronic music. Nero does not disappoint and this album is a testament to their skill as electronic music artists. Some individual tracks get repetitive but they take care in making sure each track is unique and no two tracks sound alike.

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