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Local act is confirmed to be Wicked Good

Submitted by Liz Fox on September 5, 2011 – 2:29 pmNo Comment

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As the driving force behind local icons American Princes, David Slade reintroduced Arkansas to America’s early alternative rock scene, bringing back the blundering riffs and stylings of groups such as Mission of Burma and effectively regenerating Little Rock’s lost sense of do-it-yourself spirit. His second and most recent project, The Wicked Good, improves upon this independent ethic and sound with their new album You’re Welcome, released this August on local label Thick Syrup Records.

If you enjoy the melodic sensibilities of later indie rock and the blistering pace and spirit of American hardcore, there is no question about becoming immersed in You’re Welcome. Similar to earlier Replacements records, the album gives off a hopeful and wired energy – a type that practically coerces one into head-nodding. It proves to be a journey of sorts, starting off with formulaic yet heated rock ‘n’ roll and descending into the chaotic realm of punk before jumping into a fusion of the two. In this way, You’re Welcome commands the attention, thankfully failing as background music for the passive listener or 2 a.m. scholar.

The album’s unmistakable vitality is blatantly displayed through the tracks “Tell Me Why” and “Hush Hush,” are definite highlights that echo the pace and extremity of Damaged-era Black Flag while incorporating the softening elements of Slade’s agreeable vocals.”Year of the Drug,” the seemingly tame opener, even finds itself electrifying by the end of its tenure. To make it even more exceptional, the band’s energy is clearly mirrored in both studio sessions and live performances, a feat so many emerging acts work long and hard to accomplish.

With sudden life being pumped back into Little Rock’s indie scene, the future looks bright for the band, and given clear support and enthusiasm from the community, they have certainly earned the honor of being just what their moniker claims: wicked good.

You’re Welcome is available on iTunes, as well as any Wicked Good live show. News and additional information about the band can also be found through its Facebook page.

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