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Reduce vehicle use

Submitted by Ryan P.C. McQuen on September 12, 2011 – 4:01 pmNo Comment

Solutions to using your car less doesn’t just include walking everywhere.

Minor changes include using public transportation, which is cheap. You can get a 31-day bus pass for the Central Arkansas Transit Authority for $31, or a 10-ride pass for $11.50. Riding the bus will reduce both gasoline consumption and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. The other advantage is the health benefits of walking greater distances to and from bus stops.

Some other minor steps you can take include combining trips and utilizing to-do lists. When you organize trips and plan out your routes you will be amazed at the miles you save. Also, do not be afraid to park further away. The time you may take trying to find a close parking spot will add up to a lot of gas over time. When you park further away you also have the advantage of not being boxed in by other cars, reducing the likelihood of your shiny paint being dinged by fellow motorists’ quickly-opened doors.

Another thing you can do is to utilize local vendors. If a store close to you sells something for one dollar more than the place across town you may be tempted to make the drive, but you need to add the additional fuel and time in order to balance those prices.

The biggest change you can make is to move close to the places you most often visit. Although this may be a large and difficult change, start by looking at a conservative estimate of how much less driving you will do. Calculate the number of miles you can reduce if you live within one mile of your work and school, and determine the fuel savings for your car. You may be amazed at the hundreds of dollars you will save per year, not to mention the environmental and personal benefits. Of course, living that close is not always feasible, but even shaving a few miles off your daily commute can help.

Driving less not only helps the environment, but doing so can save you much time and money in the long run.

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