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StumbleUpon something new

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Tired of needless clicking to find entertaining or educational sites?

November 2001 marked a new era for searching. A new engine called StumbleUpon brings the users interest or topic straight to them in one click of the mouse. While search engines like Google or Yahoo list links of pages, which might not be connected with the topic they are interested in, StumbleUpon sends the user directly to Web pages. StumbleUpon is less of a search engine and more of a discovery engine.

But how does this work? According to StumbleUpon’s “About Us” page, StumbleUpon uses a combination of machine learning and human opinions to connect the user directly to sites; which friends or the 15 million other web surfers found interest in.

Christopher Welwood & Geoff Smith designed the site to keep track of the user’s most prized sites. StumbleUpon uses a thumbs up or thumbs down rating system. Many of the sites that the discovery engine connects a user to, may be of interest, but unexpected by the user.

Today StumbleUpon has over 500 topics that have already been searched. Their toolbar integrates nicely into a browser. As the user uses the toolbar more, it becomes more in tune with the needs and likes of the user. Over time the content becomes even more relevant and accustomed to the user’s taste.

To use StumbleUpon go to and enter a particular interest or topic to research. Click the StumbleUpon button and stumble into content. It does not require a login, but having one is useful when saving sites and preferences.

For example, if searching “technology” in the search box, the first page could bring an article about “An Objective Way to Measure Pain.” If the site is not of interest simply click the StumbleUpon button again until an interesting website is found.

Why use StumbleUpon? With the vast changing internet numerous people might see themselves missing key sites that can help them with the topic they are searching.

What kind of reward does the site give users? When searching links from regular search engines, it uses a combination of relevant content and most used links. With StumbleUpon, it can introduce new sites that many web surfers may not have found without it.

For more information or to download the app to your iPhone or Android: go to

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