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Mixing studies with religion: One student’s plan to enter into seminary

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By Lisa Lakey – Looking at her, she seems just like any other college student. In her spare time, she can be found hanging out with friends or snapping photos with her camera. She struggles to find balance with a full load of classes and looks forward to graduation next spring.

But unlike others, Corey Tyson, senior liberal arts major, sees her college career leading to a different sort of graduate school – seminary. Tyson is going into ordained ministry, an uncommon path for women even in today’s society.

“You’re in this culture that some people are okay with it and some aren’t,” she said. “It’s hard. How do you deal with someone telling you that you can’t do something because you’re a woman, besides to do it?”

While Tyson said that she felt her calling to ministry at 13, it’s something she’s struggled with. She said that her original plan was to go into teaching or counseling, but over time, she couldn’t deny where her life was headed.

“I see a gradual change,” she said. “Before I really grasped the concept and accepted it, I was more of an angry person and I wasn’t happy. [The hardest thing] is getting over the fear of it all and being really able to trust God.”

Tyson said being able to rely on her friends’ support has helped her as she prepares for the next step in her future. Rachel Luebke, senior rhetoric and writing major, has known Tyson since they were young girls and can attest to the changes she has gone through.

“I know, without a doubt, that her faith has shaped her into this person,” Luebke said. “Everything she does, she does with faith.”

Tyson has recorded her journey over the past few years in her blog, “Broken and Beautiful.” She said she has had several blogs in the past, as a form of escape, but this is the first time she has made one public. She said the blog is a way of seeing something beautiful in everyday life.

“There’s a lot of negativity in the world, we see it represented on a daily basis,” she said. “To see God everyday and to share that with people, it’s an amazing thing.”

Even though she is faithful, Tyson said that she feels sometimes it would be easier to pursue a different path. She said that she’s not exempt from the temptations every student faces, and she knows some people may have preconceived notions about how she should act.

“I don’t want those initial judgments that people make about it,” she said. “But as a Christian, there are rules on how you’re supposed to behave and live life. Do you lose who you are as a Christian to fit in? It’s hard sometimes. I’m just as human as they are and I’m going to mess up.”

For now, Tyson is looking forward to starting seminary in 2012. She said that while she’s excited, she’s also never been this scared. She believes overcoming the fear is a part of her journey.

“Wherever God leads me is where I’ll go.”

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