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Letter to the Editor: In defense of President Lewis

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Dear Editor,

UALR was my home for four years. I love this campus, the community, and the SGA body here. While here, from 2005 to 2009, I was actively engaged in SGA as a Member-At-Large for successive terms, former President Pro Tempore and SGA Presidential candidate. I was also an unsuccessful nominee to the Cabinet of Chandra Garrett and Ace Hendrix. My nomination was opposed chiefly by then Sen. Jason Davis, in a highly charged and deeply personal series of attacks on my character.

I read the critique, or criticism the reader would be led to see, of the closing of the SGA meeting. While I may not agree with Lewis’ closing of the meeting, I do believe the criticism, inflammatory headline & writing about the meeting, really an exercise in futility. I do believe the overall motive of the piece was to take Lewis down a peg or two. Lewis I have observed since she came to UALR. She is a highly ambitious, visionary individual who possesses a strong personality. But she also has integrity and a sense of doing the right thing.

I believe the real reason to attack Lewis was the defeat of Michael Fascio, as reported employee of The Forum, as a nominee for the SGA Supreme Court. Having been a member of the SGA Senate I have an insight unlike many. Rather than attempting to make the closing of the meeting seeming like a replay of Watergate, the real problem here is a story that is symptomatic of what paralyzes our national political system, an inflated sense of partisanship. The Fascio nomination was defeated and according to reports some in the Fascio camp felt it was personal.

Might I suggest the best course of action is what I did when I was defeated for nomination to the SGA. What I did was run for SGA Senate, was elected, and then the next election I recruited allies and friends for more Senate seats. This fairy tale notion that the Senate is not about Roberts Rules of Order is erroneous. It’s always been a place of order, but partisanship has always reigned. That’s the nature of politics. Might I suggest Fascio take his lickin’ and keep on tickin’, by moving onto a successful career in SGA and stop using the media as an attack at a good and solid SGA Executive, President Lewis.

Drew Pritt
Former SGA Member-At-Large and President Pro-Tempore

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