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Little Rock University graduates gather to remember, reflect

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Little Rock University alumnus John Rhodes embraces Jacqueline Saint Anne at the Alumni Association’s event Friday, Sept. 30. Photo by Alex Mills

The Alumni Association held their second Annual Little Rock University Alumni Weekend on Friday, Sept. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 1. The event brought a wide variety of graduates from the 1958- 1969 classes.

In 1958, Little Rock Junior College, merged itself into Little Rock University. Under the leadership of President Carey V. Stabler, they became a prestigious private college with 28 undergraduate programs.

A record of 3,500 students was projected to have attended LRU in the 1960s, including one of UALR’s first graduating alumni of 1970, Haskell Dickinson, son of Tyndall Dickinson; and wife Peggy.

Last year, the Alumni Association brought the Little Rock University alumni to campus for one day. Taking the lead from other colleges, the alumni Association decided to prolong the event and make it two days of youthful reminiscence.

Graduates of the school reunited with the Alumni Association. This two-day event held a happy hour and hot dog bar under the pavilion of administration north and south buildings  Friday night, Sept. 30. Approximately 140 alumni attended the event to reconnect with former classmates.
Executive Director of the Alumni Association, Christian O’Neal, described the LRU generation as “the last group of clean-cut” students from the age of innocence.” He expalined that today, many students are ready to be living on their own, by the time they come to college.

The LRU campus consisted of, what is today, the education building, Larson Hall, Administration South, the old student union, dance studio, science lab, and fine arts.

Anne Taylor Mourning, graduate of 1968, one of the coordinators of the event, greeted Emmy Award recipient for costume designs and Tri Delta sister Jacqueline Saint Anne, graduate of 1969.

“I was an Air Force brat and I have been to 18 different schools. I needed some community and socializing.” Saint Anne said as she reminisced about her reasons to attend LRU. After her father retired from the Air Force, Anne attended LRU to get her bachelors in biology, but later she went on to get her masters in costume design at the University of Miami.

A time capsule was presented at the Saturday dinner, which consisted of a record of Sonny and Cher’s, “I Got You Babe,” a 1969 Trojan Letterman jacket that belonged to David Cone, a LRU license place, and a menu of the popular burger joint, Minute Man, where students could get a cheese burger with mustard for 40 cents.

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