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The American Jobs Act or a deficit increase?

Submitted by Tony Howard on October 6, 2011 – 3:12 pmOne Comment

Tomorrow, people plan to wake up early in hopes of finding a new job. Well if President Obama gets congress to pass his American Jobs Act bill, then there is hope for that better tomorrow.

Sept. 13, the president was in Ohio to speak about the American Jobs Act. He stated its purpose, which is to give millions of Americans their jobs back and to also help more young people solidify summer or year-round jobs. “It will help hundreds of thousands of young people find summer jobs next year.

It’s also got a $4,000 tax credit for companies that hire anybody who’s spent more than six months looking for a job.  The American Jobs Act extends unemployment insurance, but it also says if you’re collecting benefits, you’ll get connected to temporary work as a way to build your skills and enhance your résumé while you’re looking for a permanent job,” Obama said.

If passed, The American Jobs Act is passed it will help people finally start to get back onto their feet after all that has happened with this weakened economy. Now, the problem is, will congress pass it? Yes, we must be honest, of course the plan sounds like a pot of gold to us, being that we are American citizens, but for Congress with this debt America has gotten in then if this plan adds to the deficit then it is clearly a no go. The plan includes almost $450 billion in federal spending and tax cuts, which may be the problem with passing this bill.

I am for this bill. I agree with the president’s plans for giving Americans more jobs and for increasing taxes for the wealthier, but the Jobs Act needs to have a solidified source of funding because adding to the deficit is not an option that should be taken.

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