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Seoul Korean Cuisine & Grill brings authentic style Korean food to Little Rock

Submitted by Justin Rowland on October 16, 2011 – 9:51 pmOne Comment


Baked Green Mussel

Chopped green mussels and crab served in shell. - Photo by Justin Rowland

Right on the corner of Kavanuagh and University sits a Korean restaurant that really knows how to impress.

The entrance bears giant windowless wooden double doors, intimidating at first but as soon as you walk in, a friendly face greets you and seats you. The restaurant glows warm with the emphasis on wooden furnishings. A TV in the back plays K-pop videos, a favorite type of television entertainment in Korea and the radio plays softly overhead.

Seoul Cuisine provides a variety of menu items and since most of the items are foreign, all items have very detailed descriptions as to what they are, as well as pictures of many of the items. The menu features mostly Korean items with a few Japanese favorites added for variety.

Appetizers included typical favorites like gyoza (pan fried dumplings) and edamame (salted soybean pods), as well as a few novel items such as the Baked Green Mussel, a dish served with several mussels chopped up with shallots, crab meat, cheese, and a creamy sauce. The taste was delightful and the appetizer was light enough to not ruin your meal.

Main meals include Bulgogi, a Korean dish consisting of marinated barbequed meat (they have a choice of beef, chicken, and calamari) and Jjigae, a stew made with tofu, meat, and vegetables. The interesting thing about the stew is that an egg is put on top as the stew is boiling, cooking the egg and adding a surprisingly different flavor than you would normally see from a traditional stew. Another entrée is the Bibimbap, a dish that includes rice topped with vegetables and meat served with chili paste and a fried egg on top, the meal comes in a big stone bowl and is meant to be mixed up just before eating.

Everything I tried in my three trips to Seoul Cuisine was great. My favorite so far has been the Spicy Calamari Bulgogi. The sushi menu contained a variety of sushi rolls, the few I tried were good, not great, but definitely above average. Most entrees come with miso soup and traditional Korean side dishes. These include marinated potates, kimchi, and pickled radish. All probably acquired tastes but I enjoyed them.

The service was excellent and every time I went, the servers were very nice and always quick with refills. The appetizers came fairly quickly and the meals didn’t take too long. Overall the experience was pleasant and I have definitely added this restaurant to my list of favorites in the Little Rock area.

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