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Apple starts an iRevolution

Submitted by Ryan P.C. McQuen on October 17, 2011 – 1:09 pm2 Comments
Apple’s iOS 5 is finally here, does it live up to all the hype?  

Some of the features may have been a long time coming, but iOS 5 pushes iOS devices into a new realm of accessibility.

The update process could have been smoother, I have been updating iOS products since the 2.0 iterations, and this was the bumpiest change yet. The update (despite using a current backup) disorganized my precious iOrganization. I keep apps categorized in a variety of 19 folders by category, with a second page holding my most used apps. On the rest of the pages I keep iOS games in alphabetical order. The update kept most of my folders but displaced many apps out of them.  And nothing was in alphabetical order. Besides that taking hours to be restored to its former glory there are a lot of things to love about iOS 5.

Safari received numerous innovations. The most welcome is tabs. Tabbed browsing has existed for many downloadable iOS browsers, but often they have compatibility issues with websites and other apps. So using the iOS native browser is necessary some of the time. Safari also feels snappier, there are additional options such as tweeting a page from Safari and adding a website to your reading list.

And then there is iCloud. The rest of the iOS 5 changes focus on iCloud. Syncing is a whole new process with iCloud. Get ready for this, after you update your iOS device to iOS 5 you will never have to plug it into a computer again, it can sync over WiFi, and it can update itself. Photos that you upload are shared across all Apple devices in your photo stream, contacts and calendars sync seamlessly, and even documents sync.

You can begin typing something on Apple’s excellent word processor Pages on your home Mac, then finish it on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It appears instantly on all your devices, thanks to iCloud. It is all automagical (a Larry Page word). You only have to turn on iCloud once on your iOS device and computer and the rest is automatic, just enjoy the benefits of cloud syncing.


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