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Letter to the Editor: Context would make article more inclusive

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To the Editor:

Last week’s feature section had a definite focus on religion. I felt most of the stories were well handled and it was very interesting to learn about the different religious groups that are active on campus. I found it particularly interesting, given another article in that issue, that two of the groups, the Metro Baptist Collegiate Ministry and the Wesley Foundation explicitly mentioned that they were not there to pass judgment on anyone.

In the article “Mixing studies with religion,” senior Corey Tyson talked about how she has faced judgment, as a woman, for her decision to become an ordained minister. I assumed this judgment had come from other Christians who had pre-existing beliefs about whether or not women should be ordained. While this was something I understood myself, the article gave no background on the issue. Other readers may not have understood why Ms. Tyson was being judged. Why her choice is “an uncommon path for women even in today’s society.”

Given the diversity of religions and denominations of Christianity on campus it would seem the writer might want to give more background on the controversy surrounding the ordination of female ministers. While debating the issue within the article may not have been appropriate, providing some context would have made the story more inclusive to non-Christian readers.


Marita McNair, sophomore liberal arts major


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