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Letter to the Editor: If a single mom can do it, then I can too

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Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article published on Oct. 5 titled “Single Mom Aims for Academic Success.” This piece, written by Tony Howard, was greatly appreciated by me and many other nontraditional college students alike. I am not a single mother, but I know, all too well, the trials of being an adult college student.

I have personally faced the issues of the time gap in education, the necessity of having a full-time job, and not having the benefits of scholarships that students fresh out of high school have.  However, like Jamie Bailey I tell myself almost daily, “chase your dreams. You can do it.” I graduated High School in 2001 and I too have let life “get in the way.” I have just recently stopped kicking myself in the rear for succumbing to excuses and wasting so much time. I am glad that I am in school now, making a brighter future for myself and future family.

What I intend to say is thank you for the representation and motivation. I love to read stories of how someone handles their unique, and also similar, situation. It reminds me that I am not alone and that if others do it (with children no less) then I can too.

D. Michelle Hallum, freshman

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