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Letter to the Editor: Student’s eye on plagiarism

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Dear Editor,

I’m sure I would not be the only student to tell you how shocked I was when I read “Faculty’s eye on plagiarism” in the Oct. 5 edition.

The first thing that came to my mind was that at UALR, where pretty much every student  is supposed to be aware of the university policy against plagiarism, there are still some students who dared openly ask a librarian to write papers for them. I think that we are facing a major issue and it is the university’s responsibility to do something about it; maybe by installing software that checks for plagiarism on UALR hosted websites.

Just a few weeks ago I was reading an article from New York Times archives that talked about how the president of Hamilton College resigned in 2002, after admitting that he had plagiarized a book review on Such an event shows us how serious plagiarism is taken in the academic world. I think it is unfortunate that at a university such as UALR, which is known to have international partnerships with outside countries such as mine, is still encountering public plagiarism or attempted plagiarism as described in the article. And even though I haven’t had a class that requires me to keep up with a online portfolio, I know now that if it ever happened I would not feel like doing it, out of fear that other students could plagiarize my writing.

I definitely agree with Ricky Harris when he said, “the small fraction of those students who plagiarize make professors leery to all of us … I hope that professors are aware that the majority of us are here to learn and do our own work.” Personally speaking I did not travel all the way here to spend four years of my life plagiarizing  people’s work and I hope I do not have to worry that such a thing will happen to me.

Thank you and your staff for this article and many others. I think it is fair to say that we are happy to have such an efficient student newspaper.

Radwa Barnawi

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