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MUTEMATH gives Little Rock the best concert of the year

Submitted by Elizabeth Armstrong on October 17, 2011 – 12:10 pmNo Comment

New Orleans based rock band, MUTEMATH performed at the Revolution Music Room Oct. 11 for their Odd Soul: introduction tour. Their new album, “Odd Soul” was released Oct. 4.

This band has quite the spunk and sensation when it comes to playing live. The band opened up with their second track on “Odd Soul,” their new album. Vocalist and keyboardist, Paul Meany’s presence on stage was energetic, while beating the keys on the organ, singing, grabbing the tambourine and shaking the heck out of it.

After “Prytania” was finished, the band played “Odd Soul”. The crowd screamed with excitement. Drummer Darren King played viciously, while bass player Roy Mitchell-Cardenas reclused himself to his instrument.

The next song they performed was “Spotlight”. The crowd was clapping right on beat, chanting out lyrics right off the bat. After performing several more songs, they switched things up when they performed “Reset”.

New guitarist Todd Gummerman played organ, while Meany sang played keyboard and played “the Atari”. Yes I said it. Meany made his very own guitar/keytar out of an old Atari gaming system. Its sound was brilliant and electrifying, making you feel like you are back in the 80s, watching old Star Wars movies. Meany interacted with the crowd, holding the Atari out to the rowdy crowd so they could sample the homemade instrument.

Soon after, the band broke into the intro of “Odd Soul”. King dripped with sweat, while Meany played organ and sang. Gummerman’s guitar solo added a kick to the recipe.

Later, Mitchell-Cardenas broke out of his shell, and interacted with the fans while playing a jazzy bass solo on “Armistice”. After playing a few jaw dropping songs, MUTEMATH turned the volume down a bit to calm the crowd down, while playing the last track on their promising new album, “In No Time”. King’s drumming loosened up, and Meany’s vocal range was impressive. However, after performing a few average songs, MUTEMATH knew how to make their fans come alive again.

The last song they played their most famous, “Typical,” from their first album. Meany picked up the keytar and played the intro along with the famous guitar riff. The crowd lifted their hands, chanting out the lyrics. Afterwards, MUTEMATH said their goodbyes to the audience, and walked off stage. The crowd did not get enough of this band. They yelled out things such as, “one more!” and “encore!” The band couldn’t pass this up. They ran back on stage, playing a three-song encore, ending with their second from the last song on “Odd Soul,” “Quarantine.”

MUTEMATH cannot be compared to any other rock band around today. They have their own techniques to get their fans attention. They push the envelope, and experiment with odd sounds. Their energy on stage is unstoppable and priceless.


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